Adventures in spelunking

The Hanging Manse

Game time: 17 Desnus 4707

Squish, Sha’zu and Rosie have reached the ledge where The Hanging Manse sits, high above the district of Bis. Sha’zu sets out to explore the lush, dim garden; avoiding a Lurker Above in the storage gazebo Sha’zu spots a Tendriculas sleeping in the shrubbery. Initially successful at sneaking past the sleeping plant monster, Sha’zu accidentally awakens it when breaking into the Hall of Judgement through the window.

Once the Tendriculas is defeated, Sha’zu scouts out the rest of the manse, spotting and avoiding the construct guards in the entry room and the two clay golems in the dining room. The party discoverKanya’s writings in the Hall of Judgement and learn about her unhappiness and her affection for Harifax.

In the parlor the party manage to spot the Tupilaq due to its magical aura. After sinking it’s oversized teeth into Sha’zu they manage to subdue it. An attempt to interrogate the creature fails and so it is executed. The party salvage five schematic drawings from the wall of the parlor, which appear to be revelatory illustrations regarding the construction of a fire-bellied guardian called a Tophet.

Searching the Library, the party find a stash of strange pornographic poetry and flip books featuring animated clay golems copulating with their creator; also in the stash is a clay golem manual.

Heading upstairs, the party bypass the office and the servants quarters, heading straight across the catwalk. After a brief and fruitless attempt at negotiation they enter a fight with Herifax. Sha’zu manages to poison Herifax after just one round; she succumbs to the Blue Winnis and falls unconscious before Kanya manages to join the combat. The party successfully convince Kanya to flee the Manse with the stricken Herifax; they promise to kill Berkanin to ensure that he cannot come after Kanya.

Sha’zu sneaks upstairs to Berkanin’s study, past two clockwork soldiers and the wizard himself. Sha’zu succesfully poisons Berkanin with a sneak attack, rendering the wizard unconscious and unable to command his clockwork soldiers to defend him.

With Berkanin defeated and the clockwork soldiers disabled, the party heal Augustille and release him from his torturous captivity.

- Clay Golem Manual
- 5 x Schematic drawings for a Tophet



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