Adventures in spelunking

New Friends

Game time: 17 - 18 Desnus 4707

Shazu and Rosie flee the dungeon, leaving behind the bodies of their fallen friends. Koifa waits for them in the lowest archive, and is aghast to see that only half the party have returned, and without any information about the missing researchers. Rosie and Shazu are furious; the abandoned workshop is much more dangerous than they were lead to believe and their fee now seems insufficient.

Shazu bargains with Koifa and convinces the librarian to pay them an additional 2000gp to re-equip and hire new adventures. Rosie decides to leave the party; it is too dangerous and she needs to take care of her deranged mother.

Alone, Shazu picks up her laundry basket, intended to change from her ninja outfit into her washer woman disguise. As she reaches into the fabric she is surprised by a sharp bite on her hand. Startled, she throws the basket to the floor and is alarmed to see a tatty looking goblin leap out of the basket. After chasing the goblin around the archives, Shazu manages to corner it, at which point it introduces itself as No-Mates. No-Mates was exiled from her goblin community when it was discovered that she had learned to read. Now No-Mates is constantly hiding, disguised as a pile of rags, to avoid her angry ex-tribe.

No-Mates agrees to go with Shazu, providing she can hide in Shazu’s laundry bag. With only a crazy goblin for company, Shazu heads back to the Throne Bones to recruit some new adventurers.

At Thrown Bones Shazu and No-Mates see that it’s blood sports night, with combatants fighting to the death in a pit. A large orc enters the ring against a Dwarf, and Shazu takes the opportunity to bet on the Orc. No-Mates is extremely agitated; she hates dwarves and screams at the orc to kill it. After a close run battle the orc emerges victorious, claiming 500gp prize money and all of the dwarf’s equipment. Impressed by his prowess, Shazu approaches the orc, learns that his name is Squash, and offers him a job. Squash accepts.

The new party of three return to the library. To their surprise, another person waits for them in the archive room. An Oriad by the name of Krystaal has been sent by the Church of Pharasma to aid the librarians and agrees to go with the party.

Returning through the tunnels they have already explored is uneventful. Entering a new chamber at the far side of the orrery, the party see stone walls and ceiling covered with a strange, organic looking honeycomb of papery material. On the far side of the room a woman with her lips stitched shut keens over the body of a halfling man. The party correctly identify her as a sweettalker and a member of the Brothers of the Seal; this can only be Hasari, one of the missing researchers. The dead halfing is her husband, Perotus.

When the party attempt to talk to Hasari she attacks them immediately; it seems she has been driven mad with grief by the loss of her husband. Shazu manages to poison Hasari with drow poison, knocking her unconscious and enabling Squash to manacle her. The party have avoided killing the grief stricken woman. When Krystaal approaches the prone halfling to check his health, she is attacked by the hellwasp swarm inhabiting the corpse. No-Mates manages to stagger the swarm, but Krystaal is poisoned and the party retreat with Hasari to collect their payout.

For successfully returning Hasari alive, the party receive 2000gp.



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