Adventures in spelunking

Meanwhile in Kaer Maga

Game time: 14 – 16 Desnus 4707 AR

While relaxing in a tea room somewhere in Hospice, Sha’zu is surprised when a strange man drops an odd coin on her table. She follows him to Canary House, and after a fair bit of acrobatics ends up on the 6th story balcony.

Here she is spotted by a pony-tailed man called Nicolai, who invites her inside. The room is full of merchants and businessmen playing small games of chance and skill while beautiful girls sing in golden cages suspended from the ceiling.

Nicolai explains that he and the other more serious-looking men are representatives of the Commerce League. Nicolai proceeds to explain that his Boss Dakar requires someone of Sha’zu’s abilities to solve a problem for them.

The merchant Bloatmage Neshiel owes Dakar 1500 gold pieces in gambling debts and is now refusing to pay up. Dakar needs someone to retrieve the money (2000gp to include interest) and teach Neshiel a lesson for disrespecting the Commerce League.

Sha’zu agrees, and follows directions to Neshiel’s shop – Blood’s Gift – in Tarheel Promenade. Neshiel’s shop is cramped between other buildings, with only one entrance and one set of stairs behind the counter leading to the studio and living space. Sha’zu disguises herself and enters the shop to scout the layout, where she meets Neshiel and his strange companion – a talking shrunken head called Volodnir. Sha’zu makes a purchase from Neshiel, then secretly contaminates it and accusses Neshiel of selling defective products in an attempt to drive business away- unfortunately the pompous sorcerer ignores her.

After dark, Sha’zu returns and kidnapped the shrunken head Volodnir. Sha’zu offers to arrange for Volodnir to procure an undead servant, in exchange for his keeping quite about her visit to the shop. Volodnir agrees, and they return to Blood’s Gift.

Sha’zu sneaks upstairs to the living quarters, kills Neshiel’s personal stock of leeches with salt from the store room, and removes the leeches that Neshiel sleeps with on his skin – ensuring that by morning he will have bloated beyond usual and injured himself. Sha’zu also steals 3 alchemical potions, a small gemstone and Neshiel’s Sanguine Ring (+1 con), along with 2000gp.

As a final calling card, Sha’zu leaves the Death card from Neshiel’s harrow deck in his now-empty strongbox, along with a note saying “I hear Korvosa is good this time of year.”

In summary:
- Sha’zu has increased in standing with the Commerce League
- Volodnir has been promised an undead servant, on the understanding he will be more accomodating to the League
- Neshiel was seen leaving Kaer Maga in a sedan chair, his bloated limbs covered in bloody bandages



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