Adventures in spelunking

Another new face

The party decide that it is time to do some shopping before they return to the workshop. They head first to [[Gadka’s Magical Oddities | Gadka’s Magical Oddities]] where No-Mates is spotted trying to steal a small item. When the alarm is raised she hides behind Squash; Gadka is too intimidated to try anything with the big orc but No-Mates may find herself unwelcome to return to Gadka’s cart.

Next Shazu heads to Blood’s Gift where she is horified at the cost of some of Volodnir reagents. Volodnir explains that he is simply passing on the cost of recovering these items from Darklands markers. Shazu offers to undercut Volodnir’s suppliers if she can get a preferential rate for herself. Volodnir agrees. Volodnir will provide directions to and a contact at a Darklands market, plus a shopping list, and Shazu can have 20% off in Bloods Gift in future (plus access to Darklands items).

After shopping, the party split to go and have a nights rest. At their inn Squash and No-Mates run into a ratling called Minnik. The three hit it off over dinner and No-Mates invited Minnik to join them searching for treasure and adventure.

The next day the group reassemble at the library with their new ratling companion. Entering the workshop they head straight to the orrery. Shazu experiments with the machinery and realised that it can show into the future. Turning the wheel slowly causes days to flicker forward with increasing speed. Watching the city the party are alarmed to see the lake in the centre of the city turn blood red. A shout from No Mates warns Shazu that the machinery is about to go out of control and they narrowly avoid causing the whole orrery to explode.

The door at the far end of the orrery leads back to the room where the party escaped the hellwasps. Shazu used a new diffuser with oil of tajit Amazingly this causes all of the wasps to fall unconscious. Shazu spends ten minutes carefully sweeping the wasps into a bell jar which she can put in her handy haversack so they can suffocate.

The next room reveals three gibbering mouthers which attack the party the moment they enter. The party fail to notice a Brain Ooze hiding at the back of the room, and Squash fails against a charm monster spell. The battle is fierce as the mouthers and the ooze are immune to various weapons and abilities. Eventually the party emerge victorious. Shazu finds a mithral hourglass filled with diamond dust.

The party take a short break to return the corpse of Perotus to Koifa for 1000gp. Perotus was carrying several volumes of Thassilonian Lore which the party decide to keep [+2 Knowledge History: Kaer Maga; Karzoug; Black Forest]

The next room is another large circular space with a pedestal in the middle. Standing upon the pedestal, ranting maniacally, is the vast and bloated form of Luonim. Luonim pulls a lever on the pedestal and the whole room begins to spin, pushing the party backwards. Squash successfully charges and tackles Luonim, but Luonim casts hideous laughter on Squash, who laughs his way through the rest of the fight. The battle is chaotic and difficult, with with teamwork and determination they manage to overcome the gnome bloodmage. Krystaal stabilised the injured mage and they successfully tie him up. The party return Luonim to Koifa alive for 2000gp.



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